Southern Charm

Louie was born in 1/12/2017 and lives in the hippest city, Nashville TN.  Louie is a spunky little dude and hasn't met a person or another pup that he doesn't like.  He waggles his whole body when he meets someone new, and is quick to give chin kisses or snuggle in laps. ❤ He's a lucky pup because mom takes him exploring the city and meeting people all the time.  He has tons of puppy friends!  He gets to go to work with mom most days, and he's getting super good at brunch-ing! 🥞🍳

When he's not napping the day away in the sun or on a lap, he loves to chase his squeaky Kong tennis ball! 🎾 And he loves to run as fast as his little legs will carry him on the carpet or on the grass.  He just started puppy kindergarten and loves getting treats when he learns something new.

So far his biggest dislikes are his leash and bath time.  He's got a can't-hold-me-back kinda attitude and that leash puts a damper on his exploring.  And there are never enough treats to keep him happy in the tub! 🛁

Follow this southern pup and his charmed life @livelaughlouie