Lola the Wonder Dog

This is Lola (aka chicken nugget, peanut, Lola bug). Her favorite thing to do is play with her older brother, @teddythepittie, and go to the park to chase ducks. Like most frenchies, Lola strongly dislikes the rain and snow but loves the warm sunshine! My favorite story is how we came across this cutie pie.

Lola was born with a cleft palate and the breeder didn't see much purpose of saving her as she would need extra care growing up. A very nice lady saved Lola and tube fed her for the first few months of her life until she could eat on her own. She still has a small hole in her palate that causes her to be a little snotty, we will be having it surgically corrected.  

Her flaws make her who she is and in our minds she's perfect ❤️

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