Flex So Good

Hi I'm Flex!

I was recently rescued at 3 months by my dad Erik! He has been waiting for months and months for a Frenchie and received a call from a local company that I was returned to due to me getting sick! My old family was unable to care for me unfortunately and I ended up right back where I started, well for a few hours anyway. So after I got better and received a clean bill of health I was ready for a new home. Not even 1 hour in at the local adoption store my dad Erik walked in and saved me! So off I went with someone 10 times bigger then me (in height) and to a brand new home with a view of the lake. Of course as soon as I got in I pooped, I peed, and I claimed my space and ever since then my dad has been chasing me around non stop saying "NO"... not sure what it means yet but I think it means DESTROY, PEE, and POOP more and where ever I want! Either way my new home is great and I get nothing but love.

My favorite things to do are chew on anything squeaky, sit on my dad's lap on the patio in the morning as the sun comes up, pee to the right of the pee pads, poop where I please, and of course eat all my food and snacks like a ZOMBIE! Yes I will be watching season 8 of the Walking Dead with my Dad.

Dislikes are being told NO obviously and of course when my bowl of food runs out sooner then I would like.

And my best story so far was being requested for a photo shoot for a local dog grooming brand to be potentially featured on their vans as the new face of the business. I don't understand why they kept asking me to sit and stay still for some lights to flash but hopefully they got what they needed and you will see my face around more often.

Well that's my story. If you like what you hear be on the lookout for more craziness, big ears, and poops whererever I please or follow me on IG at Flex_TheFrenchie.