Birthday Bane

Bane is the name , even though sometimes mommy thinks it's funny to call me Baney or Bernard. I was born on March 22, 2016 in the sunniest place; Miami, FL. My favorite toys are blue. I love to throw it in the air and catch it. My hobbies are sleeping and running around the house like a maniac. I'm a parvovirus survivor, so I'm told that I am strong. My least favorite part of the day is when my mommy goes to work.

One time I thought it would be funny to pull my toy bag to the center. Once in the center, I ended taken out all my toys and climbed inside my toy bag. After that I decided let me take a nap in here💤💤💤.  Mommy couldn't stop laughing because she was watching me the whole time.

My birthday celebration was the best day ever. Mommy took me to the park to play and run all around. We then went to three pet stores and she bought me whatever I wanted. Then she surprised me with a cake , which was decorated with my favorite color. Best day ever. 💙

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