Beach Boys

Aloha, we are Fred and George from the beautiful island of Oahu. We love our daily walks around Waikiki and we guess it's hard to pass us without stopping to say hi, because all the humans do it. We just want to put a smile faces and leave a positive impact in the world. We are 7 months young. Oh, and apparently we resemble potatoes? 🥔🥔🤔

George's full name is George Makanaakua which is a Hawaiian word meaning"gift of God." 🌺 Fred's is Freddy Kaimana which means both "power of the ocean" because that's exactly what he is NOT on trips to the beach, but IS when it comes to what he does for people during his therapy work.❤  George likes to go to work with mom, loves chasing crabs on the beach, jamming his face into the sand, and harassing anything that flys. 🦀🦀🦀 Hates pretty much just bath time. 

Fred is a therapy dog in training likes to do therapy work with special needs children and the elderly in nursing homes. 😍 Freddy, loves to be pet by everyone, bath time, and playing with his brother. Fred, hates loud tourist busses in Waikiki, Chihuahuas, and car rides. Fred also loves to throw up on pretty much every car ride. 🤢

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